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David Bradley Tractor and Equipment

for the small scale farmer

David Bradley walk behind tractor

The tractor has a new B&S engine.  Otherwise, this is all original DB equipment.  The tractor is a model 57561 Super Power from the early 1950's.  While horsepower ratings are not given on new Briggs engines, this is around 5 hp. It has less than 10 hours on the motor.

Included are a 57552 turning plow, a potato plow, 575103 disk, peg tooth harrow, spring tooth cultipacker, grader/snow plow, 4 sets of cultivators, a land roller with step on platform, an extra pair of steel wheels adapted to the DB hub and fluid filled rubber tire wheels, a sickle bar mower and a second parts mower lacking the cutter bar. These use the same clutch disks as the tractor. Small parts include a pair of cultivator shields, extra cultivator parts, control rods and handles, 3 Super Power hoods and a very useful drawbar. The most useful item to me has been the seeder. This is the Garden Master Heavy Duty Seeder Model No 411-200, complete with a set of 8 plates. The fertilizer attachment is included but would need the feed mechanism reworked due to corrosion. Luckily, I never use fertilizer.  I use the seeder mostly for peas or beans for cover crops.

The land roller finally served a purpose in September 2016. I used it to covered clover seed that I had broadcast on a small plot. Standing on the platform provided plenty of weight and was great fun. The platform folds up, if you prefer to walk or want less weight on the roller. I used it again in November to cover wildflower seed in several smaller plots.
David Bradley tractor and equipment......................$600 buyer pickup only

David Bradley cultipacker
David Bradley disk

David Bradley peg tooth harrow

David Bradley cultivators


David Bradley grader/snow plow

David Bradley seeder

David Bradley planter

David Bradley seeder plates set

David Bradley plowing

David Bradley hitch

David Bradley sickle bar mower

David Bradley roller

Homemade 3 shovel plow
Above is a heavy 3 shovel cultivator made from 3 David Bradley plow beams

iron wheels adapted to David Bradley hubs

David Bradley wheels

some of the David Bradley parts

David Bradley Super Power hood

David Bradley hoods

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