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Miscellaneous Items from the barn 

Added 12/9/2017
antique bell hanger
ornate hanger for large bell
iron hanger for large bell

Cast iron hanger for a large bell. 
The brackets are 21" high and are not connected, so they can be finely adjusted to the width of the bell. 
Item M3 - A pair of bell hanging brackets.................SOLD


antique dolphin pump
very early dolphin water pump
dolphin pump
dolphin head water pump
Antique hand water pump with ornate handle and dolphin head spigot. The backboard is 65" high. The lower section has a crack.
Item M5 - Dolphin water pump...........$300 ....(pickup only)
cobbler's bench
cobbler's bench

Cobbler's bench 42" long, 18" wide, 16" high seat. Removable tray present, but missing drawer.

$45 pickup only


bean sorter

Hand cranked bean sorter. Good apron and working condition, but lacking the original foot pedal. 30 inches high.......$45 pickup only


antique rag stuffer
old shuttle stuffer for rag rugs
shuttle stuffer for making rag rugs
rag stuffer - shuttle loader
A rag stuffer for loading shuttles for making rag rugs.
Found at an Amish farm auction in Lancaster Co. PA. in the 1980's
Item M20 - rag stuffer...............................SOLD
large bell hammer
bell ringing hammer
bell hammer
Bell hammer - 20" high when hammer in upright position. When lever pulled down, there is 21" clearance.
Item M9 - bell hammer....................$100    (local pickup)
bagging stand
antique feed sack holder
feed sack stand
sack holder

Adjustable stand for filling feed sacks. 49" high post, 18x20" hopper.

$45 pickup only


Seneca Falls treadle scroll saw pedestal
Victor scroll saw  pedestal
Victor scroll saw base
Seneca Falls scroll saw base
Seneca Falls Victor treadle scroll saw base and pedestal
36" high, 24" dia. base, 6 1/4" round top of pedestal with 4 threaded bolt holes
Item M8 - Victor base and pedestal............SOLD
grain cradle
antique grain cradle
A Pennsylvania 4 finger grain cradle. It has been hanging from a beam in the barn for years since last used in 1993 .................$80 pickup only.
New Rogers treadle scroll saw
foot powered scroll saw
foot powered saw
New Rogers treadle scroll saw
A New Rogers treadle powered scroll saw with 12" flywheel, 5 1/4" balance wheel, 7 3/4" table
The two treadle clamps are missing as well as the blade tension rod. All parts turn freely.
Item M19 - New Rogers treadle scroll saw.......SOLD
Gem pump
Gem cistern pump
Gem chain pump
The Gem chain pump in fine cond. with original stenciling. 38" high
Item M4 Gem pump..........SOLD
wood lathe
iron machine legs
iron lathe legs and bed
This iron leg 11" speed lathe is in very good condition, except for the lack of a tool rest.  The unusual bed has a single v on the front rail and a flat on the rear. This configuration is mentioned in Horner (page 11 of the reprint), but no company is identified. It's unlikely that I (or you) will ever find such a slide rest, so I am selling it as is.
The legs are 31" high and 20 1/2" across the feet.  With the 48" long bed attached, the height is 36".
Item L1 - speed lathe on iron legs..........SOLD
Myers garden sprayer
Myers wheelbarrow sprayer
The Myers portable sprayer with cog gear pump and dasher agitator
Overall dimensions 35" high and 60" long. Good working order
Item M1 - Myers portable sprayer.....$100  ((local pickup)
Douglas grindstone frame
large grindstone frame
Douglas grindstone frame
ornate cast iron leg
ornate cast iron foot
A large W. & B. Douglas cast iron grindstone frame
The frame has clearance for a stone up to 32" dia x 4" wide. The frame is 35" long and 25" high. Both the two decorative shields cast in the trough and the two flanges to secure a stone are marked "W & B Douglas Middletown Conn Patented Sep 1, 1868. A tool rest would have mounted on a V on top of the bed on one end of the  trough. The opposite end may have extended the same amount and have broken off. If so, it isn't clear because it is a clean break right at the edge of the trough (see photo above of right end of trough). The two nuts securing the flanges to a stone have not been loosened. This would require soaking in penetrating oil, at the least. The bearings can be easily removed, providing a flat surface if the trough is to be repurposed. Douglas grindstone frame..........................SOLD
antique high voltage time switch
Campbello Electric antique time switch
streetlight time switch
large electrical time switch
time switch
iron lower cover
Large clockwork time switch for streetlights or industrial use.  "Campbell Electric Co. Lynn, Mass."
"2500 volts, 2 poles, 25 amps, Type E, No. 55721" The clockwork appears complete and unaltered but it doesn't run continuously. The spring powered switch does work manually by lifting the lever also actuated by the clock hand.
The 2 piece cast iron case is 18" high and quite heavy. It has 3 screw holes for mounting vertically. The lock cylinder has been removed from the door, but the latch works well.
Item MX1...........................$100 plus shipping
Large grindstone
24"" grindstone
A large grindstone, 24" x 3", NOS. This appears to have never been mounted. It's been gathering dust in my barn for at least 20 years. The two gears securing the stone to the shaft have four through bolts, suggesting that the center hole is large.  The shaft has 1 13/16" long recesses for 15/16" bearings so split bearings would be required. There are no markings on the stone. It appears to be a medium grit.                 24" grindstone...........................$100 (pickup)
small treadle lathe
foot powered lathe
iron lathe legs
foot treadle
A 5" treadle lathe (2 1/2" turning radius). Good headstock and tailstock, but no tool rest. Also, the connecting rod between flywheel and treadle has an old repair involving a pinned galvanized pipe.
The legs are 25 5/8" high and 15" wide at the feet. The bed is 24" long.
Item L10 - treadle lathe.........SOLD
Hand crank belt power
hand cranked belt power
A hand cranked belt power - 52" high, 15" dia. pulley for small round belt. Turns smoothly.
Item M10 - hand power..........$50    (local pickup)
Mountville cast iron basin
cast iron basin for hand pump
Mountville sink
Cast iron basin for use with a hand pump. Marked "Mountville Mfg Co Mountville PA.
The basin is 24" x 16" x 6" deep and stands 23 1/2" high on original wood legs.
Item M6  Mountville basin................$85  (local pickup)
carbon arc rods
wood bench vis
Carbon rods and holders for an arc light projector
8 - 6" long 5/16" dia rods, many shorter pieces, 4 holders
Item M7 - carbon arc rods......$12 plus shipping
Wooden bench vise with 2" screw and another 2 3/8" screw with nut.Both screws turn smoothly and have small chips
Item M15 - wood vise and screw..$25  (pickup)
Walker Turner scroll saw
small Walker Turner scroll saw
Walker Turner scroll saw
Walker Turner
A Walker Turner scroll saw with 13 1/2" throat, 15" x 5" base, 8" square table. It takes 6" pinned blades.
Item M18 - Walker Turner scroll saw................$45   (local pickup)
hog scalder
scalding trough
Hog scalding trough - 76" long, 16 1/2" high, 26" wide at top of tapered sides. The bottom boards are guaranteed to leak, making the trough no longer useful for its intended purpose. Also included are several barn boards for adding shelves, if desired........SOLD.

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