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Geiser Mfg Co Waynesboro
Geiser steam engine
Utica Steam Gauge Co.
Utica Steam Gauge Co. diaphragm steam gauge mechanism
A diaphragm steam gauge made by Utica Steam Gauge Co. for the Geiser MFG Co.
The 4" dial face has the two patent dates of Jan 3 1865 and April 29 1884, and the serial number 111719.
The E.A. Wood patent of 1865 is No. 45786, describing construction of the diaphragm. Geiser began making their Peerless steam engines in 1881. This gauge is likely from a late 1880's or 1890's Peerless engine.
Utica steam gauge for a Geiser engine........SOLD

Crosby Steam Gage Co.
Rockwood sprinkler Co gauge
Rockwood Sprinkler Co. pressure gauge
A 4" Bourdon type pressure gauge with patent dates of Jul 3, 1894 and Aug 28, 1906. The Rockwood Sprinkler Co. began making automatic sprinkler systems in 1906. The gauge is made by Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Co., Boston.
Crosby Bourdon gauge for Rockwood Sprinkler Co...................$80 plus Priority Mail
American Steam Gauge & Valve Co.
Vaile - Kimes Co.
A Bourdon type pressure gauge made by American Steam Gauge and Valve Co., Boston, with a patent date of Mar 24, 1903. The Vaile - Kimes Co was a leader in domestic water systems............................ SOLD
Splitdorf ammeter 1917 Indian motorcycle
steam pressure safety valve
Splitdorf ammeter with bracket for mounting on the tank of a 1917 Indian motorcycle with the Splitdorf electric system. Patented June 1, 1915
Steam pressure safety valve set at 90 psi, 1/2" pipe thread
Consolidated Safety Valve, Stratford Conn, patented 1925
$40plus Priority Mail

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