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Parts and projects We are making room in the barn NEW

  • 1983 V65 Magna motorcycle 1100cc V4
  • 1968 Jeep CJ5 V6
  • Wooden farm wagon parts, etc.
  • Large 52 drawer cabinet from clock repair shop
  • Large Western Auto sign
  • Ontario Wooden Wheel grain drill
  • David Bradley tractor and equipment
  • Old Trusty egg incubator
  • Bookbinder's finishing clamp
  • Lions Club sign
  • Barrel heading press
  • Wooden clock parts, 500+ glasses, Ansonia, S. Marti
  • Wooden doors - salvaged
  • Windows and shutters - salvaged
  • Fresh'nd Aire 3500 pedestal fan
  • Tripods - surveying, photographic - for lamps
  • Iron parts for the industrial artist
  • Iron wheels - many sizes
  • Iron flywheels and related items
  • Pulleys, gears, sprockets - iron and wood
  • Steam and other gauges
  • Myers barn door rollers and track
  • Barn hay pulleys, carriers, forks
  • Planet Jr cultivators, seeders, fertilizer distributor, parts
  • Buzz saw blades for painting or restoration
  • brass and iron parts, optics, devices for the steampunk engineer
  • Miscellaneous - everything not in an above category
  • machines, bell hanger and hammer, grindstone, rag stuffer, water pumps, lathes, electrical, much steampunk

    Tools and Technology

  • Lion Universal trimmer No 4
  • large antique tool chest
  • Seneca Falls Victor foot powered scroll saw
  • ribbon microphones
  • large clockwork electrical switch rated 2500 volts
  • Barnes 4 1/2 lathesold
  • Barnes 4 1/2 metal lathe velocipede parts all parts sold
  • Headstock for Barnes 4 1/2 lathe sold
  • Tailstock parts for Barnes 4 1/2 lathe sold
  • Treadle scroll saw - 1877 House patent sold
  • drill attachment for Seneca Falls Victor scroll saw sold
  • Jewel 16 inch planer/molder sold
  • Unimat SL DB200 home machine shop sold
  • 16" B. M. Root variety saw table
  • Large Champion post drill sold
  • hand cleat maker sold
  • Lowentraut buggy wrench
  • woodturning outboard tool rest on floor stand sold
  • Champion Blower & Forge No. 108 post drill sold
  • Superior Tools band saw sold
  • 2 cylinder twin flywheel model steam engine by Doll et Cie sold
  • Root 26" band saw sold
  • mill furniture - horse, shoe, damselsold
  • Shaker chair clamp bench sold
  • line shaft pulleys sold
  • A clockmaker's library - 21 books
  • Lufkin Magic Rule sold
  • 4 ft bench shears
  • two carpenter's slicks
  • wood screw tap
  • miter jack
  • technology trade catalogs, vol 1 CD-ROM
  • plumb bobs




    Calculators and Slide Rules


    Household and Office

    Modern tools and instruments

    Video nest boxes and barn swallow nest cups

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