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1968 Jeep CJ5 with Dauntless 225 V6
1968 Jeep CJ5

This Jeep has been used off road for the past 25 years just to pull trailers around our 17 acres and for light field work, pulling an 8' disk or springtooth harrow on the garden plots. In low range first gear it is the perfect small tractor substitute, but with a lot more power. It has a fully functional driveline and motor, but, I would not recomend it for restoration or putting on the road again. I did drive it from Maryland to Illinois, but that was around 1983. All parts shown in the following photos are present, except Diane's old Supra seat. The original front seats have been reinstalled, minus the upholstery. The roll bar, spare tire and windshield are not used because at less than 10 mph, I am not likely to tip over or get a bug in my eye and I can walk up to the barn to get the spare, if needed. There is a clear title.

.........................................................$600 Local pickup only.

Jeep CJ5 for sale

Jeep $600

Jeep CJ5 for sale

Dauntless 225 V6

Jeep CJ5 in snow

Jeep pulling portable blind

1968 Jeep for sale

CJ5 serial plate

Jeep CJ5 rear seat

Jeep in snow

Jeep for sale

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