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Model Vertical Steam Engine

A large two cylinder twin flywheel engine by the German maker, Doll et Cie. The dimensions are 21" to top of chimney, 6 1/2" x 8" cast iron base, 5" twin flywheels. It weighs 16 lbs. The engine has apparently fallen over one or more times and has some old solder repairs of external parts. The sight glass is missing, but a valve at both top and bottom of the glass allow the engine to run without replacing the glass. The flyball mechanism is missing from the governor, but the governor shaft and gearing are present. The governor was for show only and didn't regulate the engine speed. Two steam fittings need to be soldered - the inlet from the water pump and the pressure gauge.

To test the engine, I removed the water pump inlet and held a finger over the hole in the boiler while pressing down lightly on the pressure gauge and holding an air hose against the upper water level valve. The engine ran well under low pressure (approximately 10-12 psi). The whistle also works well at that pressure.

While I've never seen a two cylinder Doll with twin flywheels, I have no knowledge of the rarity of steam toys, so I hesitate to claim this to be a rare engine. My guess is that this large engine was expensive and likely much less common than the smaller engines.

right side view. Note the crank driven water pump. The pump outlet tube going into the boiler needs to be resoldered.

the double burner with extinguisher cup.

rear view

the crank and twin flywheels. Note the Doll decal on the cast iron base. There is a 1 3/4" drive pulley and a small pulley to drive the governor.

3/4 view.Note the flyball mechanism is missing from the governor shaft. The governor shaft, gears and pulley are present.

closeup of fire box door.

closeup of pressure gauge. The gauge works, but the fitting needs to be resoldered. The gauge appears not to be original, but is an old replacement and the brass patina matches that of the boiler.

the lever safety valve is in working order.

The steam whistle is in working order. It's fitting has been resoldered

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