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Cleat Maker

Danzer cleat maker

metal roofing clip maker.

This bench mounted tool is used to make the metal clips used to attach standing seam roofing. The offset base allows mounting on the edge of a bench so the metal strip, once formed, falls through an opening to a container below. The cleats were simply made from scraps of roofing metal. The beauty of standing seams is that there are no exposed nail holes in the roofing.

While standing seam roofing tools are not uncommon, this is the only cleat maker I have come across. Albert Danzer, the maker, patented several tools for applying standing seam metal roofing in 1899 and 1901, but this device appears not to have been patented. The Danzer Metal Works was founded in 1886, in Hagerstown, MD. The company is listed as late as 1911, in the Iron Age Directory under "hand cleat makers". Danzer Metal Works went on tho make a variety of sheet metal products, later specializing in box trailers and truck beds.

Another roofing tool Danzer patented in 1899 was a device to position and drive the nail when applying the cleats to the roofing. I have never seen an example of this tool, even though Hagerstown is nearby. For those interested, the patent number for that tool is 620426.

Price: $60 plus UPS

standing seam roofing Also available are 6 rolls of galvanized roofing. I don't know the length, but each roll weighs 75 lbs, for a total of 450 lbs of metal.
Price: $180 This item can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland

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