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B.M. Root Variety Saw

This 16" table saw has a table measuring 43 1/2" deep by 37 1/2" wide, with two miter slots. The heavy table tilts 45 degrees with ease due to its pivot point being well balanced on a substantial yoke. The table also rises and falls easily by means of a large hand wheel. The fence works smoothly and is unusually heavy by modern standards, weighing 30 lbs. Accessories include the miter gauge and fixed 90 deg gauge.

A more modern ball bearing mandrel has replaced the original babbit bearing mandrel. This is an older replacement, likely from the 1950's, but is in fine condition. The largest blade I have used is 14". The arbor is 3/4" and I use inserts on 1" arbor blades. Using a 16" blade on a 3/4" arbor may be pushing the envelope a bit.

While more recent B.M. Root boring machines and band saws are found, this is the first table saw I have seen. An ad for a similar, but earlier B. M. Root variety saw is illustrated in the September, 1906 issue of Wood Craft (Google books). That machine had a two piece base and a similar tilting table, but an elevating mandrel rather than table.

side view

table tilted 45 deg

front view - table tilt

hand wheel, screw and index for tilt

the miter gauges

the 30 lbs fence

the brass maker's tag

Price: $475 Local pickup only (motor not included)
This item can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland

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