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Champion 4 1/2 Post Drill

post drill

This large post drill is illustrated in the 1902 Champion Blower and Forge catalog on the cd "Technology Trade Catalogs, Vol 1".

From the Champion catalog - "The No. 4 1/2 new, improved, 18" swing, three geared, ball bearing upright self-feed blacksmith's post drill, with quick return and hand feed handle is precisely in design, dimensions and construction the same as the No 4 on page 106. The only difference being the quick return which is placed on the drill for purpose of getting the drill bit out of the work quicker than by the use of the top ratchet wheel. It is also very useful to feed by hand for holes up to 1/2". Thi is a well-made and very useful and profitable imporvement on a blacksmith drill. Carefully read page 106 for full description of this drill".

Excerpt from Page 106 (No 4 drill) "It is full back-geared with our improved third gear principle, which gives the second speed the same crank motion as on first speed. Our improved third gear being part of the handle hub. It is therefore disengaged when using the first speed, saving the continuous labor of pulling along an intermediate gear while using the first speed, and the first speed is used for at least 90 percent of the drilling in the average blacksmith shop. It is supplied with our latest and most improved automatic self feed. It has two speeds with double journal bearings to all working parts. The bearings are all ground and polished out of the solid metal and are in every respect first class. The table is slotted and planed off on its top side. The ball bearing will save in power when drilling from 20 to 50 percent - the larger the hole, the more power saved. It will drill to the center of an 18" circle. The diameter of the spindle is 1 1/4". It has an up and down run of 5 inches. Spindle bored to take 1/2" straight shanked drills.

right side of drill, showing a robust self feed mechanism

closeup showing the geared self feed mechanism of the 4 1/2 drill

The drill runs smoothly and both the self feed and manual feed work well. The catalog lists the weight as 210, but that may be the crated weight.

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