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Unimat SL DB 200

This Unimat is in fine working order. All parts move smoothly with no indication of excessive wear. Most of the green paint has flaked off. Note, a screw cutting accessory is not included, even though one part of it is present.

The continuously variable speed regulator Also, the three pulley system allows 9 different speeds by moving the two belts. The speed control and motor work fine and new belts have been fitted.

The maker's plate. Made in Austria, American Edelstaal, Unimat SL Model DB200

A sturdy and appropriate bench is included if desired and if local pickup is possible.

The 4 jaw chuck with key.

The three jaw scroll chuck. Two 5/16" rods to tighten the chuck are not present. Two punches work fine for this purpose. The chuck works smoothly

The drill chuck will take up to 1/4" drills and milling cutters. Key included.

The grinding wheel holder and a longer arbor that appears to take a thinner 5/8" center hole tool such as a cutting disk? Both items fit the Unimat spindle threads.

The Unimat tool holder. A tool post is also included (shown in other photos)

The milling table can be mounted parallel to the cross slide or at 45 degrees. Note, only one hold down clamp is present (shown in photo below)

The machine vise.

The T-slot adapter screw allows mounting of chucks, etc onto the cross slide.

The three jaw chuck mounted on the cross slide for drilling.

All the parts.Note, one bracket for a screw cutting attachment is included. No other parts for the screw cutting accessory are present. Also, there is only one hold down clamp for the milling table.

A reprint of the owner's manual

Price: $375 plus UPS
This item can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland

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