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16" Jewel Planer

The square cutter head of this planer/molder has 4 bolts on opposite sides to secure a pair of 16" planer knives and T-slots on the other two opposite sides to hold molding cutters. The previous owner apparently used single molding cutters, since only two profiles are paired. There is also a set of four 4" planer knives and a slightly smaller set of two. The bed moves up and down by means of a hand crank. The two speed power feed is belt driven and activated by a hand lever. Gearing drives the front and rear rollers in unison.

Everything is working on the planer. The cutter head bearings are good. The lower shaft of the power feed has worn bearings that will need to be repoured or replaced with a bronze bushing. And all knives need sharpening. I tested the machine at 2400 rpm with the tractor belt pulley, but it should run at 3600. I didn't test a molding cutter.

The machine in motion Note the bearing in the lower shaft in the foreground is bad. It will have to be repoured or replaced with a bronze bushing.

Front view

Left side - The large two handled crank raises the bed.

The chip guard.American Sawmill Machinery Co. 16" Jewel Hackettstown NJ

The geared spring loaded feed rollers

The cutter head. Although it doesn't show in the photo, the sides adjacent to the knife have T-slots for molding cutters.

All of the knives and profile cutters.

Price: $450 local pickup only
This item can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland and can be placed on your trailer or open truck

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