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Drill Attachment for the Victor Scroll Saw

This two piece drill attachment fits only on the "Victor" model of Seneca Falls foot powered scroll saws. All that is needed is 1/4" round belting, available at sewing machine stores (I get mine online from McMaster-Carr). If your Victor saw has a screw hole on the rear left side of the frame, it is ready for the attachment. If there is only a shallow untapped hole in the casting, this marks the location to drill and tap for a 1/4" 20tpi machine screw. Apparently, only machines ordered with the drill attachment had the hole tapped, but all machines had the indent in the casting to mark the location to drill. This attachment does not fit the steam version of the Victor since it is powered by the foot powered flywheel.

All pulleys turn smoothly and the chuck works well. However, there is a good bit of pitting

the guide pulleys

the drill mounts on a stud and can pivot out of the way when not in use or be easily removed. The chuck will take up to 3/16" drills.

The two parts off the drill. Note the slot in the drill mounting base which allows some adjustment of the belt.

Price: $150 plus UPS
This item can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland

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