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Barnes 4 1/2 Lathe Velocipede Mechanism

The complete velocipede mechanism includes the legs, flywheel, crank, crank bearings, crank hangers, pedals, sprockets, chain, seat arm and seat. All parts are in fine working order The complete mechanism runs smoothly and quietly. The grey paint has chipped in many places, but earlier Barnes lathes were black, so it will likely need to be repainted anyway to match your lathe.

the seat arm SOLD

the flywheel $200 plus UPS

flywheel reverse side

the pedals, crank, bearings, hangers, sprocket $250 plus UPS
Complete and ready to bolt to your legs.

pedal with 1876 patent date

the bed SOLD

1880 patent date on rear of bed.

the small flywheel sprocket $40 plus UPS
The large sprocket is included with the pedal and crank listed above.

The legs - SOLD

The seat - SOLD

These items can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland, if desired

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