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Barnes 4 1/2 Velocipede Lathe

Barnes lathe

This foot powered lathe is in good working condition, except for the lack of change gears. Without change gears, it's use is limited to manual carriage feed. There are two repairs that are illustrated below - a crankshaft hanger and a carriage hand crank. A small concentric 3 jaw chuck is included. Both headstock and tailstock tapers are MT1.

the carriage with unique Barnes tool post

The headstock is in good condition, including bearings, spindle lock, and back gearing.

The foot power mechanism is complete and in good working order.

One of the two crank hangers is cracked and has an early riveted repair.

The original Barnes seat has no cracks or welds.

The manual feed crank has a piece broken out and has been repaired with a screw. This works fairly well, but the screw tends to loosen with use. It should be welded.

The cast iron chip cover seems to be one of the rarest Barnes accessories

Price: $600 buyer must pick up
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