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Seneca Falls Victor Scroll Saw

foot powered scroll saw

This example of the Victor saw is in good working order. It has the larger 17 1/4" tilting table. The brass blower tube is present, but not the plunger. New hollow urethane belting is working well with the 24" flywheel.

One of the pedals is an early replacement. The other is original, but has an angle iron bolted to it's side as a stiffener. This was probably done when the opposite pedal cracked or broke. The pedals are the correct size and work well, but don't match and are rather ugly. The small steel cranks on the flywheel shaft are modern replacements, fitted to the shaft with set screws and to the pedal linkage with bronze bushings.

The Victor is large and weighs well over 200 lbs, but can be disassembled to transport in a car. Replacement blades can be made from any type of band saw blade. I'm using the same 1/4" 6tpi blade now that I use on my band saw, but much narrower blades also fit the blade clamps.

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