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Plow Trac tractor with plow and disk

antique walk behind tractor with plow

antique walk behind tractor with disk

This Plow Trac dates to the early 1940's. A tag on the hood appears to read "W3 - 973". The tire size is 600/16. The equipment includes a heavy duty mounted 8" plow, a mounted adjustable tool bar, a disk with 14" blades that mounts on the tool bar. Cultivators also mount on the tool bar, but only one cultivator shank is present.

The engine starts easily, runs smoothly, and doesn't smoke. However, the carburetor float valve tends to leak and the throttle cable is broken. The flat belt drive works well and even with the engine running at idle speed, the tractor can't be held back by hand. I don't know the horsepower, but it seems much greater than either of my David Bradleys. The tires are worn out car tires. A new set of tractor treads would be useful for heavy plowing. Plowing in hard ground, the fluid filled tires tended to spin when a rock or tree root was encountered. Otherwise, the plow works well.

The disk is fully adjustable and can be used to weed between rows or straddle and hill a row

front of engine, showing Wico X magneto and Stromberg UR 3/4 carb

front view - plowing

right side view - plowing

rear view - plowing

left side of engine

the mounted disk

flat belt drive with belt tensioner

engine plate - "Ward's Gasoline Engine, serial number 154118, Article No. 87 ABS 5092 T".

the plow mounted on tractor

front view - cast iron

left side view of hood with Ward's Plow Trac decal

side view of the tool bar

a cultivator shank - only one is present

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