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Barnes No.5 Velocipede Lathe

The Barnes No. 5 has an 11" swing and 51" bed with 32" between centers. The lathe is fully functional and the only damage is a broken handle on the change gear bracket and a broken and repaired center rest. A new drive chain is provided and the pedal mechanism works smoothly. The spindle thread is 1" 8tpi. If you enjoy pedaling a bicycle, and especially pedaling it backwards, the Barnes velocipede lathes are a joy to use.

10/7/2008 update: A wood turning hand rest can replace the cross slide for wood turning. Either are held in place by a single bolt, allowing a quick change between them. This is not the Barnes hand rest, but it works well for both faceplate and spindle turning.

front view A

front view B

left side view

the headstock and carriage

right side view. Note the twin lead screws

A 10" faceplate, 2 60 deg. centers and a cup center are included

Rear view Note the cast iron chip cover on the cross slide. Apparently rare, this is only the second one I have had or even seen. It simply drops in place and is held securely as the cross slide is moved.

rear view. Note the Barnes tailstock wrench in place.

The change gears All parts for compound gearing, including the original knurled nuts are present. There are 13 gears, all in fine condition, with no tooth damage. The set includes 104, 52, 48, 44, 40, 36, 32, 30, 28, 24, 20, and 2 16's.

the original cast iron seat has no cracks

the brass threading chart

the change gear bracket has a broken handle. This is not a reverse tumbler and is not moved while the lathe is in operation, so the lack of a handle doesn't affect its use. Barnes lathes with twin lead screws are reversed by a lever on the carriage.

the cast iron chip cover

the accessories include the original Barnes tool post, chip cover, change gears, tailstock wrench, and center rest, and three centers. (10/7/08 update - a hand rest, spur drive and cup center for woodturning have been added. These are not original Barnes parts).

the center rest has been broken and repaired and is in good working order.

using the pivoting tool rest to restore a 60 deg. center. Not as versatile as a compound, it works well for most tapers.

The lathe converted for wood turning

the wide tool rest pivots and moves in and out by loosening a bolt.

side view of the hand rest The 12" rest is fully adjustable and will work for faceplate turning. This isn't the original Barnes hand rest.

the hand rest is easily moved laterally by use of the carriage crank.

a spur drive and cup center are provided.

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