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A Clockmaker's Library

These 21 books are from the estate of a Baltimore clockmaker and collector. All are in very good condition except #13, which has a separated cover. Most are heavily illustrated, several are coffee table books with color illustrations, several are hard to find.

1. Watch & Clockmakers of the World, G.H. Baillie, 1974 printing of 3rd edition. 387pp.
2. Watch & Clockmakers of the World, Vol 2, Brian Loomes. 1stEd. 1976, 263 pp.
3. Clock and Watch escapements, W.J. Gazeley, 4th impression, 1977, 294 pp.
4. The Grandfather Clock Maintenance Manual, John Vernon, 1983
5. Watch and Clock Making and Repairing, W.J. Gazeley, revised edition 1993, 425 pp.
6. The Modern Clock, Ward L. Goodrich, 4th edition, 1950, 502 pp.
7. Watch & Clock Encyclopedia, DeCarle, 1976, 307 pp.
8. Catalogue of Tools for Watch and Clock Makers, John Wyke, printed 1978, Winterthur Museum and EAIA, 154pp.
9. The Book of American Clocks, Brooks Palmer, 1956, 318 pp.
10. Clocks & Watches, 600 Years of the World's Most Beautiful Timepieces, Willsberger, 1975, approx 180 pp, full page color photos,
11. 19th Century American Clocks, H.G. Harris, 1981, 256 pp.
12. Country Life International Dictionary of Clocks, Alan Smith,1979, 350 pp.
13. Old Clocks & Watches and their Makers, Britten, Fifth ed. 1922, 822 pp. loose cover
14. Horology Americana, Dworetsky & Dickstein, 1972, 211pp.
15. Cornish Clocks and Clockmakers, H. Mile Brown, 1970, 94pp
16. Pennsylvania Clocks and Clockmakers, Eckhardt, 1955, 229pp
17. The Collector's Dictionary of Clocks, H. Alan Lloyd, 214pp
18. Clocks in Color, Andrew Nicholls, 1975, 204pp
19. Miller's Clocks Antique Checklist, John Mitchell, 1992, 192pp
20. Clocks, Simon Fleet, 1961, 96pp
21. The Beauty of Clocks, Michael Pearson, 1979, 96pp

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