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J. How Tintometer

An early tintometer marked "J.How, 78 Farringdon St., London". Serial number "76" is stamped on a brass plate on the case lid. Three of four filters are present, marked "Su W app 76, WW app 76, and SW app 76". The 16 1/2" long sample tubes are held in place with a spring clip. A split image eyepiece is used to compare the color of both tubes, side by side. The wood case is 21 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 4 1/2". The brass locking screw on the side of the box is broken, but included. A modern slotted screw replaces the brass knob.

This was found at the Brimfield antique show in the 1980's and was purportedly deassessioned from an instrument collection at Rutgers.

the paired tubes

the split image eyepiece

the pivoting wood framed mirror under the tubes

the glass sample tube

the three color filters

the maker's nameplate

the replacement screw and original knob

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