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Patho-neurometer of Wigelsworth

The large meter, labeled "INDICATOR" has a scale from 0-75, and is marked "THE PATHO-NEUROMETER of WIGELSWORTH, PATHOMETRIC LABORATORIES INC. CHICAGO". A rotary switch is wired to 8 different taps on a battery box, apparently to regulate the voltage to the meter and hand electrodes. An on/off switch breaks the connection from meter to electrode. A large resistor is wired to one of the meter terminals, further reducing the voltage from the rotary switch. The two terminals for connecting the electrodes are marked A and B. Only one hand electrode is present and there is no indication that a second similar electrode was used, since there is no wear mark on the felt lining of the box lid for a second electrode. Sometimes a foot plate or other type connection was made for this purpose in similar apparatus. Two original wires are present, one red and one black. There is enough corrosion of the battery spring terminals and smell of sulfuric acid to indicate that a battery had been present, but I'm not familiar with any type of battery that would fit the box and offer the variable voltage. There are two rows of four spring terminals on the side plus a terminal on each end.

The meter works and everything seems to be in good working order. But then, all radionics/vibronics machines work, with or without electricity. It's all in the mind of the quack and the pocketbook of the patient.

J.W. Wigelsworth began making radionics "black boxes" in 1926, when the Pathometric Laboratories, Inc. was formed in Chicago. His best know apparatus is the pathoclast, which was made in several variations. This patho-neurometer is likely a diagnostic machine, although the difference between some of the radionics diagnostic and treatment machines is not always clear. If this apparatus measures anything, it would be skin conductivity. Ironically, this would be a more useful test for the quack than the patient, since it is one of the parameters used in a lie detector.

the meter

inside the black box - a battery box

the battery box and rotary switch

on/off switch (telephone style)

inside the battery box

the hand electrode

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