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Joseph Briggs' 1845 corn sheller

One of the earliest small shellers, this is the first Briggs we have seen. Predating the box-mounted shellers, the Briggs came mounted on a board upon which the operator sat to keep the sheller in place and allow free use of both hands. See the 1845 patent text for a detailed description. Fine condition.

Surprisingly, the sheller works well, as described in Brigg's patent. The cob moves through one side of the sheller, protrudes from the bottom as if about to fall out, and then works its way up the opposite side and out the top. A dozen ears of small to average size went through flawlessly, however, one annoying deficiency of this sheller is the large number of kernals that were thrown out the top and onto the floor. Also, having to place the board on a bench and sit on it to secure the sheller was an annoyance. I would prefer mounting it on a bench. This sheller is No. 82 in the Field Guide to Hand Shellers.

Briggs' 1845 patent

full length photo of Briggs sheller

top view of Briggs sheller

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