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Sherwood's 1874 corn sheller

The Sherwood Barrel Corn Sheller, patented in 1874, by Allen Sherwood, of Auburn, New York. He placed one ad in the Jan 16, 1875 issue of Moore's Rural New Yorker for this sheller, mounted on a barrel. Fine condition.

Sherwood's 1874 patent

Sherwood's 1875 ad

This sheller did not fair well in our testing. Of a dozen ears, every one jammed in the sheller, requiring backing up the crank to reposition the ear. Also, too many kernals were broken. While the cobs were effectively separated, they were mutilated in the process, coming out the top in small pieces. Changing the spring tension did not help. This is an attactive and well made sheller, but the design was not state of the art for 1874. Perhaps this is why it is relatively rare compared to many other early models. Also, Sherwood's advertisement was vague and likely brought a poor response. This sheller is No. 87 in the Field Guide to Hand Shellers.

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