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Fresh'nd Aire 3500 Pedestal Fan
Fresh'nd Aire 3500 fan
Fresh'nd Aire 35" pedestal fan

The Fresh'nd Aire 3500 is a huge and powerful fan, not really suited for any but the largest rooms. However with 5 speeds available, it can provide a gentle and very quiet breeze at 10-20 feet on the slowest speed. The highest speed easily exchanges the air in our barn. And, if you haven't yet achieved a paperless office, high speed will make that happen. At all speeds, the fan is unusually quiet compared to my other two large fans. But, standing beside the fan, rather than in front of it, the twin blade prop makes a unique throbbing sound, more like an airplane. This is only evident right beside the fan, not in front of it. I find that sound as enjoyable as that of the stock exhaust on my 1100 Magna.  But, others may not.

This short pedestal version can be used on the floor, but I prefer placing it on a bench. If you plan to use it on a deck or patio to blow away mosquitoes, a cart with large wheels would be ideal, preferably with a parking brake. The fan's weight and 38" cage make it quite awkward to carry around, especially through doorways.

Condition: The fan runs well on all 5 speeds. Eight cage clips are present, 5 of which have either one or two of 4 tabs broken off. The clips hold the two halves of the cage securely.  The chrome pieces covering the motor and the chrome upper part of the base would require replating if a cosmetic restoration is desired. Another option, that I prefer, is simply to back up four feet and enjoy.

History: This fan was purchased at least 20 years ago at some long forgotten auction, likely in central Pennsylvania. The cage was covered with several pieces of 1/2" hardware cloth, neatly wired together and attached to the cage with many hog rings (see photos below). The entire fan was covered in a heavy coating of what appeared to be flour, likely from use in a mill or bakery. The speed switch chain was missing and the speed indicator dial covered in flour, hiding the fact that the fan was capable of more than one speed. The power switch chain was present and worked, but only in the fastest speed. The fan wasn't used until 9 years ago, when it was moved to the new 3rd floor of the barn to circulate hot air trapped under the peak. This was only necessary on several days when the temperature in an active barn owl nesting box surpassed 100° F. The hardware cloth covering prevented small birds from entering the Fresh'nd Aire cage. Songbirds frequently become temporarily trapped in the barn, flying back and forth near the peak of the roof. The fan was directly in their path. Since 2011, the owls have been using a cooler box location and the fan is no longer needed for that purpose. Last fall (2014),  I finally removed the hardware cloth to reveal the very graphic Fresh'nd Aire cage. The fan was dismantled and cleaned and the speed switch chain replaced. One surprise was finding the word "library" written on a now clean aluminum propeller blade, which hints at it's life prior to the mill or bakery.

Fresh'nd Aire 3500 pedestal fan.............................................................SOLD 




Dayton 4C354 Pedestal fan A 22" two speed fan extending up to 8'. Good running order with new two speed switch. The base, lower pedestal section and cage have been repainted. The oscillator link arm is not present (the fan does not oscillate). 1/4 hp motor, 3.5 amp., 1100 and 800 rpm.
Dayton 4C354 pedestal fan..................................................$100 pickup only
Dayton pedestal fan



12" Emerson Trojan model 5310 - No. 524671, 115 volts, 60 cycle, ca. 1906-1909. The fan is original, unrestored, except for the line cord, which is marked Victor Corp 16g heater cord. The head wire is original. The two speed fan operated at full speed on both switch positions when we acquired it 20 or so years ago. I have removed the speed coil and vary the speed with a variac. There is no visible damage to the speed coil, such as charring, and it will be included.  If a variac is used (not included), the voltage must be kept above the kick-out rpm of the centrifugal starting switch. The fan will run fine on full 125v line current, but, it wasn't meant to. I run the fan on 90-110 volts.
Emerson 5310..................................................................SOLD
Emerson electric fan
Emerson 5310 fan



2 speed switch for Dayton 4C354 fan
Leviton 690-00X
4 position pull-chain switch, 6 amp/125volt
This is the identical switch to the one on the Dayton fan above. I had to order 20 for the minimum order size at the only source I could find. 17 are available at $4 each.
Dayton 2 speed fan switch

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