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Added 8/25/2015
hay pulley
hay pulley
hay pulley
Meyers O.K. knot passing
Knot passing pulley
Meyers cast frame knot passing
barn pulley
hay pulley
hay pulley
Iron wheel pulley
Meyers? full frame
heavy pitting - illegible markings
hay pulley
hay pulley
hay pulley
Part #855, riveted half
Starline wood frame
Part # 122, sheave
center hole worn
hay pulley
hay carrier
Steel frame unmarked
10 pulleys and Louden Jr hay carrier
$200 Pickup only
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Note: Many of the larger items are for pickup only. If you use a shipper, we can arrange to be home to meet them. However, a tractor trailer cannot negotiate our long lane. Also, I can refer you to a local shipper who makes frequent trips to NYC and as far west as Ohio. Storage at this end for as long as you need is no problem. Our zip code is 21787.

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