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added 11/18/2017
Iron Parts for the Industrial Artist
acetylene tank cart
antique hand cart
iron wheel cart
iron wheel hand cart
Hand cart for acetylene torch tanks. Ideal for taking out the recycling in style. 30" diameter wheels with 1 1/2" rims. $90 buyer pickup only.
iron machine pedestal
iron pedestal
iron table pedestal
iron pedestal
Iron pedestal for table or machine. 28 3/4" high, 12" x 13 1/2" base, 6" x 9" top with 4 bolt holes for mounting table top or machine. The tapered column is open on one side...SOLD.
iron lathe legs
cast iron machine legs
iron bench legs
iron legs
Heavy machine legs 34 1/2" high, 29 1/2" wide at base, slots in feet for bolting to floor or base, six 1/2" threaded holes on top of each leg for attaching table top, Eight matching 1/2" holes on each leg for fitting threaded spacer rods, if desired.... $90 pickup only
large gear lamp base
industrial lazy susan
reversed  gear

The large gear is 14" in diameter and 7" high at top of hub, providing a flat surface and sufficient weight for a lamp or small table base. The sprocket with bevel gear is 10" in diameter. Both have a 1 3/8" center hole. The shaft, when mounted in the gear, is 35" high. The top sprocket can be reversed and rotates freely. All parts disassemble and can be used independently. The gear, sprocket, shafts and tube are from a horse drawn side delivery hay rake. .....$100 pickup only


iron gear lamp base
iron gear table base
iron gear tray

The gear is 15" in diameter with a 7/8" center hole. The projections on the underside allow room for a lamp cord to pass. Ideal for a table top lamp base, it also serves as a tray.SOLD


lathe chuck for lamp or table base
iron base for stand
A heavy (75 lbs) lathe chuck for use as a table or lamp base. 12" diameter. There is no backplate for mounting on a lathe. The independent 4 jaw configuration allows clamping rectangular as well as round pipes or posts. ......$40 pickup only.
large flywheel table base
Large and heavy flywheel with attached flat belt pulley. The flywheel is 31 1/2" in diameter with a 1 1/16" center hole and a 15 1/2" x 3 1/4" flat pulley bolted to the 4 spokes. The pulley can be easily removed if desired. Serves as table base with foot rail. SOLD.
flywheel table base
28" iron flywheel with 14 1/4"x3 1/2" pulley, 1 1/16" hole for shaft. Item f4......SOLD
Hammermill screens
David Bradley hammermill
A set of screens from a David Bradley hammermill. 10 1/2" high, 24" wide. $45 buyer pickup.. .
iron gear lamp base
iron gear steampunk
Ring gear with offset hub, 15" diameter, 3/4" center hole, slot for lamp cord passage. $60 plus shipping.
Step pulley, 13 1/2" diameter, 1 1/2" center bore with short shaft with gear. The shaft could be used to make a turntable or lazy susan. The pulley also is suitable for a lamp base.   $45 plus shipping

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