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Planet Jr  

added 11/30/14
Planet Jr double wheel hoe
Planet Jr two wheel hoe
Planet Jr double wheel hoe - very good cond. incl handles , no accessories
Item pj1...........$80  (pickup)
Planet Jr single wheel cultivator
Planet Jr single wheel cultivator
Planet Jr handles
Planet Jr single wheel cultivator with three tines - very good cond including handles
Item pj2................$60  (pickup)
Planet Jr single wheel hoe
Planet Jr single wheel hoe
Planet Jr single wheel hoe - very good cond, no accessories
Item pj3.....................................$50  (pickup)
Planet Jr No 35 seeder
Planet Jr No. 35 seeder
Planet Jr 35 seeder
Planet Jr
Planet Jr No 35 seeder seed  dial
Planet Jr No. 35 seeder with unusual modification.  The previous owner had attached a single handle to the front of the planter, apparently walking backwards and pulling it. This likely necessitated the addition of the sheet metal cleats bolted to the wheel. The cleats can easily be removed, leaving only small bolt holes in the wheel.  The illustration above showing the seeder mounted on a single wheel hoe is for reference only. The hoe is not included.
The planter can also be used with a single handle mounted on the bracket provided on the rear of the casting.
Item pj4 Planet Jr No. 35 seeder....................$40 plus shipping
Planet Jr 5 tooth cultivator
Planet Jr top bolt plow
Planet Jr 5 tooth cultivators 
(left above) very good cond.....pj5a..$20 -plus post
(right above) Too rusted to use  pj5b....$8-plus post
Planet Jr plow - pitting but solid with good point
Item pj9......................$20 plus postage
Planet Jr 220 fertilizer spreader
Planet Jr fertilizer spreader
Planet Jr No 220
Planet Jr spreader
Planet Jr distributer
Planet Jr No 220 fertilizer spreader in very good user condition. The distributors can be adjusted for width of spread and the feed rate adjusted from 200 to 2000 lbs per acre. A lever on the handle throws the machine in and out of gear. I don't use fertilizer, but I have used this several times to spread lime. The hopper holds one bushel.
Item pj13 Planet Jr No 220 fertilizer distributor......................$275   (pickup)
Planet Jr left and right plows
Planet Jr left and right plows
Planet Jr left and right hand plows with curved 3/4" post.  Use for either hilling or furrowing by reversing position.
Item pj6 pair of curved post plows............................$30 plus postage

Planet Jr left and right plows
Planet Jr plows
Planet Jr left and right 3/4" straight post plows - Item pj7..............$30 plus postage
Planet Jr leaf lifters
Planet Jr leaf lifters
A pair of Planet Jr left and right leaf lifters
Item pj8....SOLD

Planet Jr cultivator tines with special bolts
Item pj11 - 4 tines............SOLD
Planet Jr drill wheel
Planet Jr plow
Planet Jr Combined Drill - wheel only
An attractive Planet Jr artifact, but the pivoting
seed hopper cover is the only useful repair part.
Item pj12 seeder wheel...........$20 plus postage
Planet Jr plow with top bolt - good cond.
Item pj10........$20 plus postage
Rolling garden seat on steel wheels
A garden rolling seat on corn planter wheels
primative garden rolling seat
back-saving rolling seat
Harvesting box attached to the rolling garden seat
the no-bend garden harvester
garden seat
The 18" steel wheels are from my retired John Deere 290 corn planter, no longer needed for planting sunflowers.  The seat is a comfortable 14" high, making it easy to scoot down the row while weeding one side of two rows. The wheels are 7" wide and allowing room for your feet on each side, it is ideal for weeding 24" rows without having to stretch. The galvanized box can be lined with a grocery bag for harvesting beans or other produce. At the end of each row, you will have to pick up one end and turn it around to enter the next row. This requires a little space at the end of the rows. The seat is 64" long...................................$200 (local pickup) 

Note: Many of the larger items above are for pickup only. If you use a shipper, we can arrange to be home to meet them. However, a tractor trailer cannot negotiate our long lane. For smaller items, shipping will be the actual cost, based on your zip code. Some smaller items will fit in the Priority flat rate boxes. Also, I can refer you to a local shipper who makes frequent trips to NYC and as far west as Ohio. Storage at this end for as long as you need is no problem. Our zip code is 21787.
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