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Other Microscope Premiums
in Agriculture Magazines

1. The "Excelsior" microscope was offered in the 1877 American Agriculturist as a subscription premium. It cost $2.75 or seven subscriptions. John J. Baush patented this portable "botanist's" microscope in 1874.

2. The "New Botanical Microscope" was offered by publisher S.H. Moore as a premium with a 25 cent magazine subscription. The ad ran in the 1882 issues of Cultivator & Country Gentleman.

3. In 1884, the same ad as above was run in the Cultivator and Country Gentleman, but the bottle microscope was replaced with this ornate tripod version. The ad copy remained unchanged.

4. "Abbott's Pocket Microscope" was offered as a subscription premium in the 1877 American Agriculturist, as well as the "Excelsior".It was manufactured by L.G. Abbott, No. 103 Beckman St., New York. The cost was $1.60 or 4 subscriptions.

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