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No. 1 Amateur Saw

This machine will cut pine of any thickness up to 1 1/2 inches, and harder woods of proportionate thicknesses. It admits a swing of 18 inches around the blade and accomplishes every branch of sawing within the range of amateur work.

Having our patent velocipede foot power, the movement of the limbs in running this saw is easy and as natural as in walking, and the operator can work steadily without fatigue. All the muscles of the limbs are brought into healthful exercise, which should be a great consideration when selecting a machine. All old style foot powers lack these advantages of ease of operation and healthful development of the muscles. An operator cannot run one of them steadily without tiring and experiencing an unnatural cramping of the muscles of the feet, ankles and limbs.

The table does not tilt, as in the No. 6 Amateur Saw, but sawing for inlay work can be done by placing a bevel strip under the stuff being sawed. The price of the machine complete is $10. The price of the machine without boring attachment is $8. It weighs 40 pounds. Boxed, ready for shipping, it weighs 60 pounds.

From the 1885 catalog of W.F. & John Barnes Co., Rockford, Il.

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