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No. 6 Amateur Scroll Saw

We offer this machine, believing it to embody all that the most critical can desire. It will cut pine of any thickness up to one inch, and harder woods of proportionate thicknesses. It admits a swing of 16 inches around the blade, and will saw and drill ivory, bone, metal, shells, etc.

Having our patent velocipede foot power, the movement of the limbs in running this saw is easy and as natural as in walking, and the operator can work steadily without fatigue. All the muscles of the limbs are brought into healthful exercise, which should be a great consideration when selecting a machine. All old style foot power machines lack these advantages of ease of operations and healthful development of the muscles. An operator can not run one of them steadily without tiring and experiencing an unnatural cramping of the muscles of the feet, ankles and limbs.

The blade has hardened steel clamps on slides which move in permanent guideways above and below the table, giving a positive and accurate motion. To insure against the breaking of blades, and avoid unnecessary delay thereby, a perfect tension on the different lengths of blades used is of vital importance. By a very plain and handy arrangement of parts in this machine, this is most effectually accomplished.

No springs are used in this combination for giving tension to the blade, therefore none to break. The action is perfectly free and light, and with the ordinary speed, which is from 800 to 1200 strokes per minute, a lady can run it with less fatigue than a sewing machine. The table has a beveled adjustment, whereby it can be set for inlaying, mosaic, and other work. The price of the machine, complete, is $12. The price, without boring attachment is $10. It weighs 40 pounds.

From the 1885 catalog of W.F. & John Barnes Co., Rockford, Il.

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