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Barnes No.1 Drill

This drill has several desirable improvements on this class of machine, one of which is the very convenient and effective manner of adjusting the platen to any desired height on the column. This is effected by a screw that is placed parallel with the column, the handle of which is within easy reach of the operator. With this arrangement, the operator, standing upright, and with but little effort, can raise or lower the platen with one hand - a feature that will be fully appreciated by all who are acquainted with this class of machines.

A lever on this drill combines both lever and screw feed. Either can be used without in the least interfering with the other. This is a valuable improvement in this class of drill, as with but a trifling expense additional, all of the advantages of either lever or screw feed can at once be used by the operator.

The spindle is made of the best steel, is fitted with the Morse twist drill taper, and is counterbalanced by a weight in the hollow of the column. The drill spindle has a long lever for feeding down the drill and a short quick return lever for raising the spindle. The rack and pinion for feeding the spindle are cut from Norway iron. The bevel gearing is also cut from solid iron, and is as nearly noiseless as is possible for metal gearing to be made.

Prices quoted upon application. Weight 500 pounds.

From the 1885 catalog of W.F. & John Barnes Co., Rockford, Il.

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