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Barnes Adjustable Screw Press

This exceedingly convenient press is designed for use in machine shops for pressing shafts into and from pulleys, gear wheels, hubs, etc., and for straightening shafts. Its invention was the result of a constant need of such a press in our own works; and we now have one convenient to each of the lathes in our factory.

From the table rise two screw guides upon which the cross head is adjustably supported, having semi-screw nuts and toggle mechanism by which the cross-head is held fast or released for vertical adjustment. The cross-head is balanced by counterweights and a steadying bar connects the press cap with the press screw. On the press screw is fixed a spur toothed ratchet wheel, embraced by a forked lever head fulcrummed to oscillate on the press screw. A double acting spring pawl engages the teeth of the ratchet, and, to the press screw a hand crank is fixed.

No. 1, 12x24, capacity 20 tons pressure, price $75.
No. 2, 20x36, capacity 75 tons pressure, price $100.

From the 1885 catalog of W.F. & John Barnes Co., Rockford, Il.

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