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Hand Tenoning Machine

This machine will cut tenons of any length up to 3 inches. By repeating the cut any desired length can be made. It will work on stuff of any size up to 2x12 inches, and can be adjusted to gauge the length, thickness and shoulders of a tenon. It will not cope a shoulder, but will cut one shoulder further back than the other, to accommodate stuff having a rabbeted edge; and will cut one shoulder deeper than the other, or both alike, as desired. Both sides of the tenon are cut at once, or one side only can be cut. Each thrust of the lever cuts a shaving similar to that of a rabbet plane. The rapidity of the thrusts and set of the knives govern the speed of the work. The machine cuts true, smooth, square shoulders, and can be set to cut tenons of uniform thickness or distance between the shoulders. Every mechanic knows the importance of a perfect tenon, and will appreciate a hand machine with which as perfect tenons can be cut as with steam power machinery. The price of this machine is $25. It weighs 100 pounds. Boxed, ready for shipment, it weighs 130 pounds.

From the 1885 catalog of W.F. & John Barnes Co., Rockford, Il.

A Barnes tenoning machine previously sold
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