Technology Trade Catalogs on CD-ROM, Vol 1

Seneca Falls Mfg Co. 1885 catalog

Foot power lathes and scroll saws, blades, and accessories, fully illustrated. Models include the Victor, Rival, Challenge, and Empire treadle scroll saws and the Union lathe, as well as lathe attachments for the saws.

Sebastian Lathe Co. Catalogue No. 6
High quality foot and power lathes of many sizes, lathe tools, emery grinders, steam engine castings, forge, post drill, bench and upright drill presses, hand and power shapers, planer, amateur lathes and scroll saw, and a variety of lathe chucks. Undated. The factory was located in Covington, KY, at the south end of the C. & O.R.R. bridge. The mailing address was Cincinnati. Well illustrated with large cuts.

Barnes Foot Powered Woodworking Machines 1885 Catalog

The complete 1885 catalog of W.F. & John Barnes. 60 pages of machines and accessories with large cuts of each. Small images of the machines are on this website. The cd contains full size high resolution images for printing and much additional information not on the website.

Champion Blower and Forge Co. 1902 catalogue
This Lancaster, Pennsylvania company offered an incredible variety of forges, lever and crank bellows, wheelwright machines, post drills and large drill presses. Over 200 pages with large cuts of each machine.

Full text and illustrations scanned at high resolution for printing or viewing
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows is included on the CD-ROM

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