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19th C. Technology on CD-ROM

1888 Farm Implement News Buyer's Guide
The very first issue of this important research tool
Technology Trade Catalogues, Vol 1 on CD-ROM
Barnes, Seneca Falls, Sebastian lathes, Champion Blower & Forge
19th C. Surveying Instruments on CD-ROM
19th C. American Microscope Makers on CD-ROM
Davis's Manual of Magnetism, 4th ed., 1852 on CD-ROM
19th C. Medical Instruments Vol 1, on CD-ROM
Diagnostic instruments
19th C. Medical Instruments, Vol 2 on CD-ROM
bloodletting, vaccinators, scarificators, mechanical leeches, cupping glasses
19th C. Medical Instruments, Vol 3 on CD-ROM
eye examination and vision testing
19th C. Patented Hearing devices on CD-ROM
ear trumpets, speaking tubes, audiphones, dentaphones, artificial ear drums
19th C. Medical Electricity, Vol 1 on CD-ROM
Catalogues of McIntosh Battery & Optical and Galvano-Faradic Mfg. Co.
Hand and Box Mounted Corn Shellers on CD-ROM


The above titles on CD-ROM are designed to deliver a huge volume of original research material in a manner that is useful to the collector and not cost-prohibitive. We have chosen Adobe Acrobat 4 and CD-ROM as the ideal format for delivering information that can be easily viewed on- screen and also printed at high resolution. Such high resolution images cannot be viewed with a web browser without scrolling off the screen and tax even the fastest phone line connection. Also, the content of just one CD-ROM title is larger than the entire American Artifacts website.

Adobe Acrobat 4 for win 95/98 is included on each CD-ROM.

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