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U.S. Patent No. 78534, June 2, 1868
Judah Moses, Hartford CT

"My invention consists in the combination, with the temples or front of a pair of spectacles, of an electrogalvanic battery or batteries arranged in such relation that an electrical current may be produced, whereby a person is enabled to apply electricity to the nerves of the head and obtain the therapeutic effects thereof."

To the outer end of such temple or bow, I secure a voltaic pile which consists of alternate plates of zinc and platinum, separated by cloth which may be saturated in brine or acid water, and dried before being adjusted, the inner plate which is to rest against the head being zinc on the one temple, thus constituting the positive pole of the battery, and that on the other temple next to the head being platinum, thus constituting the negative pole of the battery.

The moisture of the head or perspiration coming in contact with the voltaic piles, and especially when it is enough to moisten the cloth between the plates of metal, is sufficient to create a decided electrical current, which necessarily affects the nerves of the head, inasmuch as it is between the poles of the battery.

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