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Seymour's Patent
Broadcast Sowing Machine

From Genesee Farmer, 1847

The accompanying engraving gives a view of SEYMOUR'S SOWING MACHINE, which he has so successfully introduced among the farmers of Western New York. It sows correctly all kinds of grain and seed, from peas to grass seed, also plaster, lime &c.

With this machine, any boy who can drive a horse with common accuracy, may ride in an easy seat and sow much better than is usually done by hand, or than most people can sow by hand. And windy weather will seldom stop the farmer in his sowing, or prevent it from being well done. Thus he may save time, labor and seed and be sure of better crops than he can get by uneven sowing. Many testimonials have been received in favor of this machine from as respectable farmers as any in the state - thus establishing, beyond a doubt, its value and eficacy.

This is a new machine, patented less than two years since, and greatly improved within the last ten months, and is far superior to any before in use in the country. The machine may be had of the subscriber in East Bloomfield, Ontario County, N.Y., where all orders will be promptly attended to. Each machine is accompanied with directions for using. Mechanics wishing to engage in manufacturing this machine can be accommodated with rights.

East Bloomfield, Ont. Co., N.Y., April, 1847
Pierpont Seymour, patentee

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