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Dr. Hubbard's Chemical Vaporizer

From Scientific American, 1883

Our engraving shows a compact and portable apparatus for the radical destruction of sewer gas, foul air and fungous germs in the atmosphere. This device practically applies the latest scientific discoveries of Prof. Robert Koch, and others, on treating by inhalation diseases caused by germs of sewer fungoid, for continuously charging the air with chemicals which produce artificially any desired atmosphere considered essential by physicians, for the prevention of diseases.

This apparatus enables practitioners to administer by inhalation active volatile drugs during the night, bringing within the range of curable complaints several fatal diseases which have heretofore resisted scientific treatment.

The apparatus consists of a small case containing the vaporizing cylinders and a spring acted fan which draws in air and forces it through the cylinders containing the remedial or disinfecting agent.

The air thus charged is poured into the apartment in a continuous stream. The vaporizer demands but little attention and the chemicals used are inexpensive. All of the formulas or drugs recommended for use with the apparatus are furnished prepared for immediate use.

For the use of hotels and office buildings, a large chemical vaporizer, capable of supplying the entire building, is placed in the basement. Connecting pipes leading from the generator carry the vapor to the ice boxes, water closets, halls, sleeping rooms and other locations.

Further information may be obtained by addressing the Chemical Vaporizing and Deoderizer Co., 94 Greene Street, New York City.

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