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From the Scientific American, 1855.

"The engraving is a view of a trap and process for removing tape worms from the human stomach and intestines, for which trap and process two patents were granted to Dr. Alpheus Myers, of Logansport, Indiana, on the 14th of last November, (1854). The tapeworm, or Taenia, receives its name from its resemblance to a mason's tape. It is the worst of the various species of worms which afflict the human family. Some of them are exceedingly long; they vary from a few feet to 20, 30, 50, and even 100 feet.

The removal of the tapeworm from the human body has always been a desideratum with physicians. The above figure certainly represents an original and ingenious method for removing them, and, Dr. Myers, not long since, removed one 50 feet in length, from a patient, who, since then, has had a new lease on life."

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