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19th C. American Microscope Makers

Updated 7/17/99
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Acme Optical Works
John W. Sidle
Spencer Lens Co.
Charles A. Spencer
Boston Optical Works
Robert B. Tolles
Bausch & Lomb Walter H. Bulloch Charles X. Dalton
Charles Fasoldt J.& W. Grunow Ernst Gundlach
T.H. McAllister Lyman D. McIntosh Miller Brothers
James W. Queen L. Schrauer George Wale
Yawman & Erbe Joseph Zentmayer E.H. & F.H. Tighe

Dr. Smith's discussion of American microscope makers of the 1870's
Behrens' 1885 survey of American microscopes
1877 microscopical soiree
Development of the swinging substage

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