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J. & W. Grunow's 1852 Price List

From the American Journal of Science, 1852

Prices of Microscopes made to order, by J. & W GRUNOW,Opticians, 54 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, L.I.

No. 1. Large compound microscopes, mounted on a stout brass tripod box and uprights; body with quick and slow motion ; 2 corrected Hughenian eye-pieces and 1/4th inch object-glass; the moveable stage is 4 inches square, the concave mirror is 3 inches diameter, $105.

No. 2. The same size instrument mounted on a Japaned cast-iron stand, all dimensions and actions same as above, $85.

A solid upright mahogany case for do., $8 ; of cherry-wood, $7.

No. 3. Instrument No. 1, smaller size, stage 3 by 4 inches, concave mirror 2 inches diameter, $85.

No. 4. The same size instrument, with Japaned cast-iron stand, 1 eye-piece and 1/4 inch object-glass, $52.

No. 5. Ditto with plain stage, $40.

No. 6. Ditto sliding motion to the body, $35.

Solid upright case of cherry-wood for No. 3, 4, 5, and 6, $5-6.

No. 7. Portable achromatic compound microscope for travelling, mounted on three folding-legs, with quick and slow motion, the move- able stage is 3 by 4 inches, concave mirror, 2 1/4 inches, with 2 eye-pieces and 1/4 inch object-glass, packed in a fiat mahogany case, $85.

No. 8. Best single microscope with all improvements, 4 object glasses, varying from 1 inch to 1/8 inch, packed in a small flat mahogany case, to the top of which it is mounted when in use, $40.

No. 9. Ditto, simpler with the same powers, $32—35.

A small compound body with 1 eye-piece, and 1/4 inch-object glass, is supplied with No. and 9 additional $ 15—20.

All accessory instruments and apparatus as well as additional oh— object—glasses, and eye-pieces made to order at moderate prices.

[Messrs. Grunow's instruments are in mechanical structure unsurpassed. - Eds.)

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