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Obituary of Dr. L.D. McIntosh

From The American Monthly Microscopical Journal, 1892

Dr. McIntosh, having graduated from Caledonia, VT Medical College in 1863, entered the army shortly thereafter as a surgeon. He then, after this service, returned to Sheboygan, Wis., where he practiced medicine until about fifteen years since, when he came to Chicago and identified himself with the McIntosh Galvanic Faradic Company in manufacture of scientific appliances.

His practical and ingenious mind was soon interested in mechanical improvements of such instruments as came under his observation, which observation soon extended to a large number and variety of scientific appliances. Among those improvements may be mentioned galvanic batteries, dental instruments, optical lanterns, projection microscopes, and microscopical stands.

Dr. McIntosh was known in all scientific circles and was a member of many scientific societies. Among these may be mentioned the American Medical Association, The American Microscopical Society, and the Illinois State Microscopical Society. He was also a member of the committee for the World's Fair from the American Microscopical Society. He was president and lecturer at the American Dental College of Chicago, and lectured frequently at educational assemblies at Chautauqua, Lake Bluff, and elsewhere.

His death occurred March 1, while engaged in a series of lectures at the Chautauqua assembly at Fumale, in Florida. Personally and socially the doctor was genial and companionable. He was generous in his assistance, an assertion nearly every member of this society can substantiate. He was never too busy or too weary to give his assistance or advice to any of his associates who came to him.

He died in the prime of his life, with a splendid record of completed work, together with many plans and purposes into which he had entered, and some of which will yet ripen into fruitage through others.

Resolved, That in the death of L.D. McIntosh, the Illinois Microscopical Society has lost one of its most esteemed members.

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