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McIntosh New Clinical Microscope No. 1

From the McIntosh Battery & Optical Co. 1890 catalogue

Catalogue Illustration

Price, with one eye piece in case, no objective $20.00

Price, with one eye-piece, in case, one-fourth, one-half, and one-inch Students' Dividing Objective, giving 100 200 and 350 diameters $28 00

Price, with one-fourth and one-inch objective, giving 100 and 500 diameters $32.00

This microscope is designed to meet the wants of schools, colleges, and those who need a well-made instrument at a low price. It is equally well adapted for all kinds of laboratory and clinical work. Height with draw-tube closed, 11 1/2" inches; draw-tube open, 14 inches. The base, arm and pillars are neatly japanned; the arm is securely held between two pillars by a strong steel pinion, which allows the inclination of the body at any angle. It possesses the following special features, without which no instrument can fill the requirements of a good working Microscope.

First. The body tube is large (one and three-eighths inches diameter), and carries the draw-tube (one and one-fourth inches inside diameter), which holds the eye-piece. When the draw-tube is closed and perpendicular, it is low enough to make the work easy. This is an important feature in laboratory work.

Second. This instrument takes the same size eye-piece as our Scientific, Nos. 1 and 2, and professional stands. The sub-stage ring is the same size as the above-mentioned instruments, and carries an adjustable diaphragm. All accessories, namely: Abbe Condenser, Parabolic Reflector, Dark Well, Spot Lens, Polariscope, etc., can be used on this stand without any change. It has a mirror bar, carrying plane and concave mirror, swinging on the center with the object above or below the stage.

Third. The coarse adjustment is by means of a sliding tube which gives a smooth and firm movement. The fine adjustment is delicate, and will do the work of the finest instruments.

The Microscope is characterized by great simplicity in its working while at the same time it is provided with means for careful and delicate adjustment.

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