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McIntosh New Clinical Microscope No. 2

From the McIntosh Battery & Optical Co. 1890 catalogue

Catalogue Illustration

Price, with one eye piece in case, no objective $25.00

Price, with one eye-piece, in case, one-fourth, one-half, and one-inch Students' Dividing Objective, giving 100 200 and 300 diameters $33 00

Price, with one-fourth and one-inch dividing objective, giving 100 and 500 diameters $37.00

This Microscope is constructed after the same model as our Clinical No. 1 is the same size; and the working parts are the same, with the addition of a rack and pinion movement of long range, which works perfectly smooth and steady

We believe there is no Microscope in the market for the above price that will compare with this instrument.

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