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McIntosh Scientific Microscope No. 1

From the McIntosh Battery & Optical Co. 1890 catalogue

Catalogue Illustration

(This instrument is furnished in a polished Mahogony Case.)

Price of stand with one eye-piece (no objective)$35.00

Price with one-eye-piece and 1/4 and 1 inch dividing objective $47.00

This Microscope is designed to meet the wants of those needing a moderate priced, substantial and accurate working instrument.

The base and arm are japanned, the draw-tube nickel-plated, and other parts are finished in lacquered brass. Both body-tube and draw-tube are provided with the Society Screw. It has a circular rotating stage and movable sub-stage ring. Coarse adjustment is made with rack and pinion: the fine, with milled-head screw. Microscope stand with draw-tube closed, 14 inches high.

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