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McIntosh Professional Microscope

From the McIntosh Battery & Optical Co. 1890 catalogue

Catalogue Illustration

Price of stand with one eye-piece (no objective)$65.00

Price with two eye-pieces and two objectives, 1/5 and 1 1/2 inch, Physician's series $100.00

This Microscope is packed in a finely polished mahogany case.

It is adapted to the higher grades of professional work, having Revolving Stage, Society Screw and Broad Butterfield Gauge; the coarse movement is made with rack and pinion, the fine, with micrometer screw. The sub-stage ring is adapted to all accessories commonly employed. The Durkee Electric Illuminator can he attached to the mirror bar.

The working parts are detachable and can be used as a Solar microscope for Projection or for Photo-micrography. The device by which this is effected does not interfere with the joint, nor permit instability when used as a monocular.

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