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Sidle's Acme Lithological Microscope

From Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society,1881

This is on the general plan of the "Acme" models, but in lieu of the rotating stage-plate there is a permanent rotating stage graduated to degrees.

The polarizer is mounted on swinging arm to allow of being turned out of the way when not in use, and is furnished with a graduated circle and index, and a spring click showing when the prisms are crossed. It will receive a lens-system of extreme angle at its upper end, which, together with a corresponding system adaptable to the 11-inch screw in body-tube, serve to show the rings and crosses in crystals. An analyzer and a Klein's quartz-plate are mounted in sliding boxes in the lower end of the body, each admitting of removal when their respective openings may be closed by sliding shutters provided for the purpose. An extra analyzer is mounted to slip over the eye-piece, and is furnished with a graduated disk with index.

For stauroscopic measurements a double calcspar plate is arranged to rotate between the analyzer and eye-lens.

The eye-piece is also provided with cross lines ruled on glass.

The instrument can, of course, be readily converted into an ordinary monocular when not required to be used for its special purpose.

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