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Sidle's No. 4 Acme Microscope

From Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society,1881

Messrs. Sidle (U.S.A.)have brought out a still simpler Microscope embodying the swinging substage with a minimum amount of luxuries and intricate non-essentials.

The stand is shown here(body 6 1/2 inches long and 1 1/3 inch diameter, and with a draw-tube). The fine adjustment moves the entire body by means of a micrometer-screw at the lower end, and within the bend of the limb, and is claimed to be "practically frictionless, acting on rollers, and perfectly free from lateral movement". The mirror slides upon a radial arm that swings laterally in a travelling zone in a metal disk, the centre of which is in the plane of the object. For opaque illumination the mirror bar can be swung above the stage. The wheel of diaphragms fitting beneath the stage is mounted on a jointed arm allowing it to be turned aside clear of the stage opening, a fixed stop ensuring its being in the axial position when so required. The circular stage 1/8 inch thick), with standard screw in central opening, has spring clips, which may be used under the stage when great obliquity is required. A sliding substage to be attached to the mirror-bar can be substituted for the accessory tube.

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