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Sickle Grinders - 1880's

Harvester Knife Grinder

A light weight, high speed grinder for use with the knife removed from the harvester. Patented July 28, 1885, by J.F. Webster, W.H. & C.F. Pease, of Elkhart, Indiana.

Machine for Grinding Harvester Knives

A peculiar oscillating grinder patented May 16, 1882, by K.H. Preston, of Manlius, New York.

Machine for sharpening reaper knives

A bench mounted grinder in which the operator may manually move the stone by disconnecting the pitman of the automatic reciprocating mechanism. Patented Aug 25, 1885, by James Connel, of Newark, Ohio.

Machine for Sharpening Mower Knives

A simple grinder which clamps on the rear of the cutter bar without removing the knife from the mower. Patented April 4, 1882, by Charles Henshaw, of Middleway, West Virginia.

Mower Knife Grinder

The Higganum knife grinder weighed only 20 pounds
and could be carried to the field and attached to the mowing machine wheel. It could be ordered from the R.H. Allen Co. in NYC for $6.50. Advertised in the 1885 Country Gentleman.

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