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Sickle Grinders - 1890 to 1895

The Rogers Patented Grinder

An economical dual bevel grinding machine was patented Oct 4, 1892, by John Rogers, of Elkhart, Indiana. He marketed his invention by mail order. This illustration is from his ad in the Gentleman Farmer.

Sickle Grinder

A grinder for use on the harvester, without removing the knife, was patented by Francis Ogle and Cyrus Fields, of Marceline, Missouri, on Jan 16, 1894.

The Racine Grinder

Advertised in the 1891 catalog of Whitman & Barnes for $8 each.

The Perfect Grinder

This grinder, using a 50 pound beveled stone instead of an emery wheel, was cheaper than the above grinder in the same 1891 catalog.

The Dollar Mower Knife Sharpener

A hand held device used like a file.

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