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Sickle Grinders - 1896-1900

Farmer's Favorite Sickle Grinder

"Boyer & Radford, Dayton Ohio makers of the famous Maxon patent lever and screw jacks have brought out this season a very meritorious device for sharpening mower and reaper knives. They have succeeded in producing a grinder that will grind a knife section at the same angle at which it left the maker's hands." From the Farm Implement News, 1898

The Diamond Mower Knife Grinder

Sold by Whitman & Barnes, the "Diamond" was advertised in a 1900 issue of Farm Machinery.

Grinding Machine

Patented Jan 26, 1897, by Delos Danforth, of Elhart, Indiana

The Star Sickle Grinder

Clizbe Bros "Star" automatic sickle grinder used multiple gearing to turn the stone at 3000 rpm, 3 times faster than any other grinder (according to an ad in Farm Machinery, in 1900). A.R. Clizbe, of Chicago, patented this grinder on May 22, 1900.

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